Miesha Tate inspired by Rhonda

Tate has fought Rousey twice now, and believes pending the outcome of Rousey's fight with Cat Zingano the two might meet for a third time.

Tate said: "I have a lot of vested interest in that fight and I really have mixed feelings about who I would prefer to win. I think if Zingano beats Rousey, it's a much faster road to the title for myself so there's a benefit there for me.  The fact that our first fight had a lot of fireworks to it – it was a very exciting fight. If Cat wins, there's a big argument why I would get the next title shot.

"If Ronda wins, she's beating all the other girls, so all I have to do is ward off the other No. 1 contenders like I have been.  I think I have the best shot at beating her and I think I've proven that going into the third round with her. Regardless, it's always fun for me to fight Ronda. I enjoy it, I thrive on it, because my number one goal is to become the best fighter that I can be and Ronda always pushes me to do that."

She added: "Every time I think I become a better fighter because of Ronda.  She pushes me and motivates me in ways that other people just don't have the ability to do. She motivates me to be a better fighter and a better person.  A stronger fighter and a stronger person.  So, I kind of revel in that. It's something I look forward to and I hope I will have another chance to fight her."