Song frustrated by Adebayor miss

West Ham looked set to bring Adebayor to Upton Park on Loan but failed negotiations to get Tottenham to pay 50 per cent of the Togo international’s ??100,000 per week paypacket ultimately saw the move collapse.

Song, who played alongside Adebayor at Arsenal, said it was a shame the striker wouldn???t be joining West Ham.

???I think if he was coming it would be very good for us ??? he is a great player,??? Song said.

???I played with him for like five years, I know what he can do, so when someone told me ??he had the potential to come to West Ham I was very happy because this kind of player can help us contribute to doing very well in the league ??? we need a person ??just like this.

???It didn???t happen but now I want just to tell him good luck and then we just have to focus now , just to do our job very well.

???We know we have good players, good squad, but there???s something we didn???t have ??? ??we were looking to have more players come in but we didn???t have them, we just have to focus on the players we???ve got.

???Every time (after transfer deadlines) ??it???s good when you have players coming in, trying to help, but we didn???t get it. Now we just have to look forward and play like we have.???

Adebayor???s move ultimately fell though because Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy refused to allow Adebayor to move to Upton Park on loan.

Levy reportedly agreed to subsidise part of Adebayor???s ??100,000-a-week wages for any club but West Ham, a condition which resulted in the striker staying at White Hart Lane.

Levy???s refusal to subsidise the loan sparked comments from West Ham co-chairman David Gold on Twitter.

Gold tweeted: ???Sorry for keeping you up late but at the last moment the main deal collapsed and the rest folded like a pack of cards. Stay strong.

???I’d like to thank David Sullivan and Sam (Allardyce) for their efforts too (sic) secure new players during this window.

???However no matter how hard you tried there are people out their (sic) that you just can’t do business with. Dg???