Rex Tso ready for Enriquez fight

Tso is reportedly struggling to train properly due to calcium deposits in his right elbow, however he will not let that prevent him from fighting next month.

The South China Morning Post quoted the featherweight talking about his upcoming fight at the Venetian Macao Cotai Arena.

Tso said: "It's a minor problem and it shouldn't be a cause for real concern. I have been sparring at least three times a week and training six days a week. The fight is a month away and I will be ready. I feel good. I am still sparring. Hopefully, the problem will subside.

"I am looking forward to this fight with Enriquez because I have always wanted and accepted any challenges put forward."

Tso, who currently holds the WBO Asia-Pacific junior bantamweight and WBC ABCO super flyweight titles, will be fighting Pinoy boxer Michael Enriquez for the WBA international super flyweight title.

Tso's trainer Jay Lau Chi-yuen told the South China Morning Post: "Rex's elbow is a bit hurt and it's somewhat of a concern to us but he's getting better and he should be ready for his next fight. Rex had an X-ray a few days ago and it was discovered that he had calcium deposits in his elbow. He is still sparring and running. There's no need for him to stop training. We hope the problem doesn't persist.

Lau also discussed his opponent, saying: "Despite not being ranked in the top 15 or not currently holding a title belt, Enriquez is a dangerous fighter with a decent record.

"His record isn't any better because the Filipino boxing world can be quite complicated, and some fighters just don't get the opportunities they deserve.

"Enriquez has been underestimated before but we won't make the same mistake. The promoters have taken notice of Enriquez's talents and potential, and are confident that he will give Rex a very tough fight. The WBA and Top Rank have both approved this fight, so they take him seriously, too."