Evans on why Gustafsson lost

Gustafsson pushed light heavyweight champion Jon Jones very hard in their 2013 bout, with some saying he should have been declared winner, and Evans thinks he took the resulting praise too much to heart.

Evans said: "One of the reasons why I felt AJ won was that Gustafsson… I like Gustafsson, Gustafsson is a cool guy and everything. But I honestly felt like he actually thought he was the champion. He had a great fight with Jones, and it could have went either way, but then he let the hype get to him.

"Because when you've got the UFC machine behind you, hyping you up, putting you on video games and stuff like that, you feel like, yeah, you are the champion, you just ain't got your belt yet. But then you're overlooking people. But when you overlook people, that's when you get it handed to you."

The Swedish star was defeated by TKO in just two minutes fifteen in their bout in Stockholm, and it remains to be seen who he will fight next.