Weidman: Silva should retire

Silva defeated Nick Diaz on his long awaited return from a broken leg on 31 January, but Weidman believes the Brazilian doesn't still have the skills that earned him the reputation of the 'greatest of all time'.

Weidman said: "It was a very weird fight. I have a lot of respect for both fighters, especially Anderson, fighting him twice. I've actually grown to respect Anderson even more. I spoke to him a couple times at The Time is Now event and I think he really has grown as a person. He's a likeable guy, he really has become a family guy, more spiritual. I think he's just really grown as a person, so I have a lot of respect for him.

"In the fight, you know, I'm happy that he came back. He was healthy, he was able to go out there and get a W. But do I think he looked impressive? No. I don't think he's what everybody thought Anderson would look like and what he could do to Nick Diaz. There was a lot going against him with the leg injury, it didn't seem like he was kicking the legs as much as he usually could. But, you know, I don't know. I don't think he deserves a title shot. There's a lot of other guys that I think are better than him right now."

He added: "Being the champion, I know this ends up going further than I'd even want my comments to go, because my opinion, I don't think, really matters that much and I don't want it to weigh on him at all. But me as a fan, if I'm just a normal person, I want to see him done. As Chris Weidman, as me, it's a big money fight, a third fight eventually. But I'd really just like to see him retire. I think he's got a great family, he's got five kids, he's made a lot of money, he has a great legacy. He just won a fight. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire on a 'W'."