St-Pierre’s trainer slams Silva

The UFC reported that Silva, widely considered the greatest fighter in the history of MMA, tested positive for anabolic steroid metabolites. Silva has denied using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), calling for further tests.

Zahabi believes that the unfolding Silva scandal means his client should be considered the best fighter in MMA.

He said: "It's horrible for the sport. Lance Armstrong has not helped the sport of cycling. A lot of people were inspired by his story and afterwards we find out that it's a lie. Here, we're going through something similar in our sport.

"Georges is the best pound-for-pound fighter. We have to drop Silva. If he really cheated, we can't set this example for the youth. It's ridiculous. Is Lance Armstrong considered the best cyclist of all time? No. A few years ago, the answer would have been different."

Zahabi also said his client is clean, despite accusations by other fighters that St-Pierre has used PEDs.

Zahabi said: "Georges passed the tests of VADA, the best agency. All his tests are public. We are ready to take them again with random controls 24 hours a day. My athletes are natural and yes Georges is the best fighter of all time."

"It's unbelievable that they let them fight. Me personally, I would like the sport to be cleaned up. Because one day, a guy is going to die in the Octagon and we're going to find out that the guy who killed him tested positive after the fact. Our sport is already dangerous enough as it is. If we add doping on top of that, it becomes madness."