Donaire pleased to be back at 122

Donaire has not fought since his knockout by Nicholas Waters in October 2014, but he is looking forward to his junior featherweight return.

Donaire said: "I'm excited to be back at 122 pounds. I'm hoping the training to be at 122 will bring me more speed and power. This camp has been different. I have been in training since December, so I've been in shape longer and working on more boxing instead of the usual eight weeks only of camp."

Donaire's manager Cameron Dunkin added: "Nonito is training very hard. He has his weight down and he can't wait to fight again. Nonito is an extremely proud guy, a great fighter, and that really hurt going up in weight and losing and he couldn't wait to get back in there. 

"He's motivated. That loss to Walters woke him up. He wants to show that he can still fight and I think he can. He trained hard for Walters but the guy was too big and too strong and he realizes that."