Jones coach wary of Johnson threat

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Johnson secured a title challenge fight again Jones with his brutal first round victory over Alexander Gustafsson in January. Gustafsson was considered the fighter who gave Jones the toughest time in the ring to date, and the ease with which Johnson defeated him has given Jackson pause.

Jackson told ESPN he believes Johnson will provide a tougher fight for Jones than Daniel Cormier did.

Jackson said: "[Daniel] Cormier was knocking people around left and right, too, but as far as raw power, I don't think anybody hits harder in the division than Johnson.

"We've cornered against Johnson before, and he is such an impressive dude.

"His punch, good Lord, that thing hits hard. He is going to be a real challenge. That's a loaded gun that can go off at any time.

"I'm good with whoever they put in front of Jon. I don't have any preferences. I'm not like, 'Oh, I wish you could fight so-and-so, because it hardly ever works out that way. Whoever they put in front of me, that's who I have to solve."

The UFC has not announced a date for the Johnson-Jones fight yet, but insiders believe it will take place in May 2015.