Oh ready for Australian Open

The 18-year-old turned professional last year and didn't have an entry for this week's event until she came home in second place at the Vic Open.

Now, rather than being content with making up the numbers, Oh heads to Royal Melbourne with a professional title to her name.

The Korea Republic-born golfer admits that her new-found success has brought extra media attention, but that she's not too bothered by it.

"It's been great, but busier than normal," she said.

"But I really enjoy it and I would love to win again.

"So many people ask me 'how does it feel to be a winner?' and I say great.

"I really cherish this moment and just look forward to many more."

Rather than struggle under the weight of expectation, Oh says she's embracing the moment.

"One of the reasons I turned pro was that I got to play in two of the majors last year and this is where I want to play, this is where I want to be, week-in and week-out," Oh said.

"I'm testing myself," she added.

"Last week was good and this week is an LPGA event , the course is hard, but I don't feel intimidated, so that's a start."