Bayliss ready for Ducati return

Bayliss said: "Honestly, it just feels like yesterday, even though it was seven years ago. Everything feels the same to me, and I’m really looking forward to the weekend. I'm certainly going to ease my way into it. Many things have changed, so I don't want to rush myself into it. I do have a lot of experience so I do know how to tackle this.

"If things go well and I start to get some confidence, and start to take it step by step and things come my way, come race day that's when I always pull the pin…

"But, who knows. Like I said, step by step."

He added: "I haven't been sitting around on the lounge chair. You're only as old as you feel. I'm pretty competitive. I've still been doing dirt track and supermotard. I'm the current Australian flat track, dirt track champion and supermotard."

"I'm not in too bad shape, and I know the bike, I know the team, and it's another opportunity to come and work with people that I used to work with. I thought, 'why not?' I'm down here anyway to race in the Scramble, so it all just made sense to me. I want to give it a nudge and see what I can do, and I'm hoping that I can do a good result for these guys."