‘Bigfoot’ not underestimating Mir

Silva has endured a tough run of results in recent years, losing a UFC Heavyweight Championship bout to Cain Velasquez in May 2013 before returning in December of the same year to beat Mark Hunt in what is considered one of the UFC's best fights. 

However, the result would later be overturned when Silva tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone in his post-fight drug test.

A nine-month suspension followed, and on his return to the ring Silva suffered a shock first-round knockout defeat to Andrei Arlovski in a fight he was heavy favourite to win.

Silva admits that he was complacent heading into the fight with Arlovski, but it's a mistake he won't make twice.

"First of all, it's his merit, he got the win and I need to congratulate him for that.  I did some things wrong before the fight and during the fight and now I've corrected them," Silva told FOX Sports.

"It's a change in the thought process.  I'm not going to fight as if I already have the win and going to the after party and all that stuff.  I'm not going to pretend as if I've already won.  That's not going to happen this fight."

The Brazilian's mentality is such despite the fact that Mir has lost his last four UFC fights.

"I'm going to fight Frank as if this is a title fight and he was the No. 1-ranked fighter. That's the way I will fight him," Silva asserted.