Legends hail top class Ko

Ko's victory at Royal Melbourne was her ninth professional title, her sixth LPGA victory and her first as the world's top ranked player. All before her 18th birthday.

With 120 tour wins between them, Sorenstam and Lopez are well placed to comment on the latest sensation in women's golf, and the pair are suitably impressed by the New Zealander.

It's Ko's consistancy and ability to stay calm under pressure that has really caught the eye of Sorenstam.

"It's not always about the highs but about the lows, and she's amazing in the consistency she has displayed," the Swede has been quoted as telling ESPN.

"We all know we don't have our 'A game' all the time, and it's about being able to score despite not having our best day. When you watch her, you might not see the fire that's inside, but the consistency is a display of that. You're not that competitive if you don't have that fire inside.

"A lot of times when you get to No 1 it's tough because everybody's looking at you and kind of trying to pull you down," Sorenstam added.

"When you're chasing somebody, you kind of see where you're going. Now, at No 1, you're driving the train and you have to keep working through different things. Some players find that really difficult. From a mental perspective, she seems to have everything in order. She's on a roll. I hope she enjoys it along the way – don't push too hard, smell the roses a little bit."

For Lopez it's the joy with which Ko plays that is so important.

"It's fun to watch her. She just has that look that she is really enjoying what she is doing. You've got to play this game loving it and not letting it control you. Sometimes players, and parents mostly, get you all uptight about stuff. Lydia seems to play for herself," said Lopez.

Next on the agenda for Ko is this week's New Zealand Open, where she will get to strut her stuff on home soil in front of a highly expectant crowd.