Cardinals let Ginn Jr go

Conor McGregor tells hockey player to ‘put him through the net!’

The news comes only a year after the Cardinals signed Ginn to a three-year, $9.75m deal – they will save $2.5m in the cut.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was not prepared to make Ginn a big part of the team’s offensive plans, particularly with the growth of rookie John Brown, and he suffered. Ginn was also not a productive returner, despite his excellent speed.

Ginn Jr has disappointed since his arrival in the NFL in 2007 after lighting up college football with the Ohio State Buckeyes. He had a good 2013 at Carolina, where he had 790 receiving yards and 2 TDs, but failed replicate the form in Arizona.??

He previously played for Miami, San Francisco and Carolina.??