EPL chief furious over Qatar World Cup

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Football's showpiece event traditionally takes place during the Northern Hemisphere summer, but the extreme heat in Qatar means that playing in summer would not be feasible.

As a result the 2022 edition of the tournament looks set to take place in November and December, with a Fifa task force on Tuesday announcing that this was their recommendation. Fifa are expected to ratify the decision at a committee meeting next month.

A tournament as this time would heavily disrupt the European football season, with England in particular set to feel the effects. 

"I'm very disappointed, that's the word, on behalf of all the European leagues and particularly the European clubs who provide most of the players for this World Cup," Scudamore told The Express.

"The idea that we turned up today, it was a pretty short meeting, to be told that it is going to happen in November and December is very disappointing.

"We had a consistent position all along and for the integrity of the Football League to have to stop for six or seven weeks is less than ideal.

"FIFA keep their international dates, they keep their World Cup intact, even UEFA, who, I think, let us down a little bit, clearly pushed this…so their Champions League can start and carry on again, just like it always does."

Should the current proposal be put into effect, the World Cup final will take place just days before Christmas, throwing the Premier League's traditional Christmas and New Year fixtures into doubt.

"Our particular concern is that a FIFA World Cup that finishes late in December could result in damaging one of the English game's great traditions and attractions, with the removal of the entire Premier League, Football League and FA Cup Christmas and New Year fixture programme that season," added Scudamore.

"Clearly there is still time within the process to consider our position further, but first we will consult with our clubs, other stakeholders in English football and other leagues before deciding on what, if any, further action might be appropriate or worthwhile."