Australia test new helmet

Hughes was wearing an outdated helmet when he was knocked unconscious by a Sean Abbott bouncer??while batting for South Australia against New South Wales in Sydney and died two days later as a result of his injuries.

Cricket Australia high performance chief Pat Howard said the new clip-on attachment, manufactured by British company Masuri, is made of honeycomb plastic and foam and offers protection to the exposed back of the neck, the area where Hughes was hit.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has become more vocal in recent years in recommending raising standards for helmet safety standards.

Howard said: “It’s really quite innovative and some players have seen the footage and are very receptive to trying.

“It’s got impact protection and comes down the side of the head. Players will be given an opportunity to try it out in a game outside an international, but work our way up.”

Cricket Australia is working with the ICC to ensure helmet standards set by the British Standards Institute are adopted worldwide.

After Hughes’ death, former England captain and Sky Sports cricket expert Andrew Strauss said that the natural response to tragedy was new changes, but added: “The protection in the game of cricket has never been better than it is today.

“I don???t think any cricketer will go out there to bat these days worrying that his life might be on the line.”

Under England and Wales Cricket Board regulations, schoolchildren are forced to wear helmets while batting and keeping wicket.

New safety standards have been introduced in Britain, increasing the grille area in front of the face and jaw preventing a ball from going through the gaps.