Ko tweaking her swing

The New Zealander has not always achieved great distance off the tee, a fact that coach David Leadbetter has looked to rectify. And considering that Ko has already won one tournaments this year and registered two top-10 finishes, it's safe to say the changes have paid dividends.

"We thought if there was anything that might hinder her progress it was maybe that she wasn't quite long enough," Leadbetter has been quoted as saying in the local media.

"She's probably put on 10-15 yards. She's right up there now, not one of the longest but it's a lot easier hitting an 8-iron into the green compared to a hybrid."

However, Ko and Leadbetter certainly aren't looking to make wholesale changes – they have no need to after all, they already have a winning formula.

"When you have a winning combination you really don't want to tinker too much," Leadbetter explained

"We've just keep the pot boiling. As with all golfers they are not machines, but it's very easy to get her on track and it's a lot of fun with her."