Lesnar’s WWE future unsure

The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been unable to agree terms for a new contract.

It has mixed martial arts fans wondering whether Lesnar is considering a return to the UFC, where he fought seven times and held the heavyweight championship.

MMAFighting.com said Lesnar's appearance on Raw was heavily promoted by the WWE, which offered no explanation for the no-show.

"The company sent out a Twitter message, as well as put on its website, and had a commercial air on the USA Network all less than 20 minutes before the live show, promoting Lesnar's appearance. 

But as the show went on, there was no sign of him, and the announcers never said anything indicating he would or wouldn't be there," the MMAFighting.com report read.

"Sources close to the situation have said Lesnar and WWE CEO Vince McMahon reached an impasse regarding terms of a new contract, and neither would budge.

"McMahon was attempting to sign Lesnar prior to his deal expiring, where, on the free-agent market, he could play WWE, UFC and Bellator against each other."

WWE commentator Jim Ross believes Lesnar will stick with wrestling when his contract expires after WrestleMania.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter writer Dave Meltzer. “On the Lesnar question, Jim Ross, who is still in a position to know people who would know, wrote that sources are saying it looks more promising that Lesnar is staying due to concerns over the long-term heath effects of concussion oriented issues later in life,” Meltzer wrote.