Mourinho fears ‘big trouble’

The Serbian midfielder has seen his ban cut to two games from an initial three and will miss Sunday???s Capital One Cup final against Tottenham at Wembley.

Matic is serving the suspension for a red card for violent conduct in the draw with Burnley, in which he reacted angrily to a challenge by Ashley Barnes.

Mourinho last weekend labelled Barnes’ challenge “criminal” but would not comment on Matic’s Wembley absence.

“If I give you my views, it’s bad for me,” said Mourinho, speaking ahead of the final.

“I can’t give you my views. If I speak again about the Matic situation I will be in big trouble.”

Mourinho has spoken at several times this season about what he feels is a “clear campaign” against his side by match officials.

On this occasion, he put the pre-match emphasis on ???the players that like to complicate things???.

“It’s easy for me to say that I don’t believe that anyone involved in this game doesn’t want to make his best,” Mourinho said.

“I believe all three teams will go with the same ambition to do very well and hopefully even the players that like to complicate things try to make the final a good final.”