Rouge: French do not want MMA

Jean-Luc Rouge, President of the French Judo Federation, says there was no place in his sport for those involved in MMA.

"Anyone [in judo] caught teaching MMA, will be removed from the French Judo Federation," he said in an interview published in L'Equipe.

"MMA is illegal in France. 

"All those who teach do not have the right and are liable to be written off. 

"They put the Federation in trouble and if there is serious injury, it will be my fault," he added.

In recent times judo has been losing some of their most talented competitors to the financially lucrative MMA, an example being American Ronda Rousey, the Beiing 2008 Olympic bronze medallist. 

Rouge, a former world champion in the under 93 kilogram category, has claimed that MMA has no place on a sports programme.

"These new combat sports [MMA] seem like they come out of a video game," Rouge told L'Equipe.

"These guys are stupid enough to kill each other in front of everyone in a cage and they are well paid, so they would accept. 

"Sport is not war! 

"We must be able to shake hands and go have a beer together in the end," he added