Tests may return to Pakistan

No Test side has played in Pakistan since March 2009 when militants attacked the Sri Lanka team in Lahore.

Six policemen were killed and some visiting players were wounded, leading to Pakistan having to play their international ???home??? matches in the United Arab Emirates.

But after ICC Associate nation Kenya played five ODIs in Lahore last year, Zimbabwe could now help bring Test cricket back to Pakistan.

“I have met with the chief executive of the Zimbabwe cricket union and we discussed the revival of international cricket in Pakistan,” said team manager Naved Akram Cheema.

“He told me they were interested in a reciprocal series with Zimbabwe wanting to send a team in May.”

Cheema, who was formerly chief secretary of the Punjab province, believes the time is now right to welcome Test-playing cricket nations back to the country.

“Things are under control and I don’t think we will have any security situation which can cause us embarrassment if teams are invited to Pakistan,” he added.