Pardew wants to repay fans

The Eagles have not won at home since beating Tottenham on January 10, in stark contrast with their away form with five wins from the last six.

Pardew intends to halt that unwanted statistic against a team with the worst away record in the Barclays Premier League.

“We owe it to our fans, our paying customers, that we produce results here, because that is how you keep them turning up every week,” said Pardew. “Frankly, the home form since the start of the season has not been good, and we have to improve it.

“We have done enough away from home to stay in the division already, but our home form does not reflect what it should be, so that is where the improvement needs to gain some momentum.

“Our stadium needs to be rocking tomorrow, and if we want to keep it where it is in terms of that support, we have to give them wins.”

Much has been made of the state of the Selhurst Park pitch, which has again been relaid, but Pardew refuses to look for any excuses.

“The pitch isn’t perfect, but I don’t think that is any hindrance to us. It is probably uncomfortable for teams who come here, because it takes a little bit of getting used to,” he said.

“However, I am not going to say it is like Arsenal, Swansea or Newcastle, because it is not.”

QPR have lost nine of the last 12, but have shown promise under new boss Chris Ramsey.

Ramsey is one of only six black managers operating in the top four divisions, which is a statistic Pardew feels needs addressing.

“Chris has done all the roles at the football club asked of him brilliantly, and I think it is great for the Premier League that we have a black manager,” he said.

“It is something I want to promote here in terms of our coaches because in terms of the percentage of players which we have to the percentage of coaches in terms of origin is not right.

“I am pleased, I hope he does well, he has done a terrific job so far, but hopefully not too much for tomorrow.”

Pardew added: “The proportion of Afro-Caribbean players to coaches is not right.

“It is something which needs to be spoken about which we need to work on as an FA and the chairmen up and down the country need to give more chances.

“I feel a lot of black players do not go into the coaching courses because they don’t think it will help them, but it will.

“We need to see a greater influx of Indians, Africans entering our coaching system and getting jobs so our proportions make sense.”

Pardew, meanwhile, maintains talk of a takeover from American businessman Josh Harris should not impact the team.

“I manage the football team, I don’t deal with those affairs, that is for the board and chairman,” he said. “Football can be influenced by takeovers, I experienced that at West Ham and it was problematic.

“But if there is a takeover here, it has been very quiet and subdued, we will deal with it as it develops, the players are very focused.”