Floyd is a ‘beast’ in sparring

Mayweather will put his unblemished 47-0 record on the line against his long-time welterweight rival in Las Vegas on May 2.

The American is reportedly beating up anyone foolish enough to try and take him during the sparring sessions, claims his uncle Jeff Mayweather.

“The kids, early in camp, they don’t care that he’s Floyd Mayweather. They want to prove something. They’ve proved something, all right. They’re getting destroyed,” Jeff Mayweather told MLive.

“He’s annihilating everybody. He’s a beast. This isn’t the same old Floyd.

Former undisputed welterweight champion Zab Judah was enlisted to help prepare Mayweather for facing left-handers.

However, the experienced southpaw, who gave Mayweather a scare before losing on points in their 2006 clash, suffered a similar fate to the younger fighters.

“Everybody was just hyped because they thought Judah was going to be something different, but Judah was worse than the other guys,” he added.

“It seemed like Floyd had something personal against him. He beat the **** out of him. So then he quit, he let Judah off the hook, because Judah’s got a fight coming up and he messed his eye up.???

???It may just be his mind, and all the **** he’s been dealing with Manny over the years. Obviously, he’s taken that in some kind of way. I mean, he’s punishing these guys.”