Floyd reveals ‘hurt’ to fans

Aung Thu at Muangthong United

The 38-year-old American is preparing for the most crucial bout of his career against Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

Despite his relentless training regime, Mayweather is careful to find time for his family and admits he cannot always appease the constant calls for photos and signatures from his fans.??

Speaking in a video posted on his Facebook page, he said: ???If you???re not in the position, you will never know.

???Some days you want to go out and not sign autographs. You want to go out and not take pictures. It hurts my feelings, but I have to say no sometimes.

???I don???t say no to my fans because I don???t want to sign for them or I don???t want to take a picture. I???m saying no because I just feel like it???s okay to take time out for myself and for my daughter.

???I want to give her my undivided attention.???

Constant media speculation has surrounded the fighters as they work towards their Las Vegas clash and Mayweather???s advisor Leonard Ellerbe this week dismissed claims his fighter was dropped in sparring by Zab Judah.

These latest stories have not affected Mayweather???s confident demeanour as he targets his 48th win in the ???Fight of the Century.

???Training camp has been good actually,??? he said. ???I???m happy and I???m pretty sure my father is happy and everything is going great.???