Wenger opposes player quota

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has proposed a scheme that would see the number of home-grown players in top-flight squads increased from eight to 12, a move he feels would benefit the national team.

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore claims clubs were told by Dyke that the FA could not impose the change and Wenger believes the changes will help neither the league nor national team.

“I believe that we are in the world of competition. Competition means either you or me is the best one. We have to accept that,??? Wenger told beIN Sports.

“That means as well that the rules of the game must be structured to favour the best or we are not in a competition anymore.

“So we can say one of two things – we protect the mediocre or we produce the best players.”

Wenger also warned that similar schemes introduced in other countries had led to young players becoming ‘professional subs’, which did nothing to assist them while affecting the quality of the league at the same time.

“I give you two examples,” he added. “In Yugoslavia in the past they decided you had to play three players on the team sheet who were under 21. What happened? They became professional subs. It happened in France, too.

“Then they decided you had to play three players under 21 from the start. You know what happened? They subbed all three after five minutes.”

Dyke’s proposal to toughen up home-grown player rules has the support of UEFA president Michel Platini, who hinted he intends to follow suit.