Rodgers has concerns over form

The Reds are currently seven points off the Champions League places, with an inferior goal difference to the teams above them.

Having scored 45 goals in 31 Premier League games this season, Rodgers acknowledges Liverpool have to improve their attacking play.

And the former Reading boss feels his side have come up short in recent defeats to Arsenal and Manchester United, as well as the win at Swansea.

“We are still trying to find solutions at the top end of the field,” Rodgers said on the club???s official website.

“When everyone is fit and available we are able to compete with this squad, but our top goalscorer is on six goals. Three players on six goals. That’s the reality of where we are at, and we have to find solutions for that.

“It’s about finding what suits the players. We have obviously got a number of players out now and when we changed the system it suited them. We are always looking to find a way.”

Rodgers was concerned at the lack of confidence in front of goal during the weekend defeat to Arsenal, and he also feels the team struggled to create when United visited Anfield in the previous game.

“If you look at the game the other day, we created important opportunities at the beginning of the game, but you have to take them. As a whole, I think in terms of the efforts on our opponent’s goal, we need to increase that level,??? he said.

“Our possession just hasn’t been good enough, that has been the key to it. We have to build the game quickly, but the ball has been so slow.

“It wasn’t just these two games. It was the Swansea game in the first half as well. The speed of our game hasn’t quite been there, the speed of our passing.

“When we play the game quickly, that allows us to get into position. And the key for us is that when you’re in position you can press better as well because if the ball breaks down you’re there.

“Against United we were only in half positions, we were trying to build the game, get into position but we gave the ball away and there was too much space.

“In the Arsenal game we didn’t start well, got back into it but then defended poorly. I don’t think it was anything to do with the system, whatever system we were playing, we just didn’t pass the ball quick enough.”