Wie happy to be home

The Honolulu-born golfer was victorious at last year's event, thrilling the locals with a two-stroke victory.

It's a win Wie is unlikely to forget any time soon, and she admits it is hard to believe that a year has past since her triumph at the Ko Olina Golf Club.

“It really is crazy how time flies. Seems like yesterday,” Wie told the official LPGA website.

“But last year really a dream did come true for me.  Growing up here playing a lot of junior tournaments, Hawaii tournaments, always been my dream to win at home in front of my friends and family and just people that have been rooting for me since I was really young.  

"So it was really cool to do that last year. It’s always fun to defend, so I’m happy to be back.  Just trying to take it easy and having fun.“

While her career has forced her to leave Hawaii, Wie still feels deeply connected to the island paradise.

“It's pretty obvious I love coming back home,” she said. “I look forward to this event all year.  I get to come back home after the season is done, and then I get to go back to Florida and start training and start my year up. I look forward to April.

“Hawaii will always be forever and always my home no matter where I live," she added.

"You know the saying, you can take the island out of the girl, but you can never take the island out of the girl.  It’s definitely true.”