Ellerbe promises Mayweather KO

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The Mayweather promotions CEO is in no doubts that the undefeated American can successfully extend his perfect record, on May 2.

But Ellerbe insists that Mayweather will rubber stamp the victory by stopping Pacquiao in his tracks.

???I expect to see a knockout,??? Ellerbe said. ???Floyd will seize the opportunity and finish him off.

???A lot will play out from the way that the fighters come out from the opening bell.

???He will be able to come out and dictate the pace based on Manny???s style. It???s no secret that Manny is a very aggressive and exciting fighter but he makes a lot of mistakes that Floyd will be able to exploit from the opening bell.???


Ellerbe believes that the WBC and WBA welterweight champion remains at the pinnacle of boxing because of his intelligence outside of the ring.

Despite being 38-years-old, Mayweather???s sensible training routines and carefully selected fights have lengthened his outstanding career, Ellerbe believes.

???It???s about working smarter, not harder,??? he said. ???As you get older you make better decisions with your training.

???Floyd can fight any type of style that he chooses to fight. The reason he???s able to last so long in this sport is because he???s a smart fighter, he doesn???t go out there like some fighters. He???s a thinking fighter.

???He???s the best conditioned athlete in all of sports, he???s the only undefeated athlete of the last 17, 18 years.

???He???s able to make adjustments in a fight, he???s able to make moves. He knows what he???s going to do four rounds from now. He???s able to dictate a pace and set you up.

???He has the best hand wrapper in the game, the best cut man in the game, great trainers and he???s the best fighter of our generation.

???Pacquiao is a fighter that has great speed and he???s very awkward, he has a tremendous trainer and they???ll come out with a great game-plan but I know it won???t be enough to offset what Floyd is bringing to the table.???