Bolt: Gay should have been kicked out

The American tested positive for steroids on three different occasions two years ago but was only given a one-year ban after he agreed to cooperate with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Gay informed USADA that he was supplied with the creams by his then-coach John Drummond, who was subsequently given a ban of eight years from athletics for his role in the possession of, administering and trafficking banned substances.

Upon his return to the sport last year, Gay clocked faster times than the world record holder and Olympic champion Bolt and is expected to be a serious threat to the Jamaican at the World Championships later this year.

Speaking to Runner's World magazine in an exclusive interview, Bolt said that Gay's ban should have been a permanent one.

"I was really upset about that. He got a year just because he talked to the authorities about how it was done and who helped him," Bolt said.

"That sends the wrong message: 'If you do it and get caught, just tell us all you know and we'll lower your ban.

"It's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. The message should be: "If you cheat you're going to be kicked out of the sport.'

"I'm not looking forward to competing against Tyson. It really bothers me. I'm not worried about him beating me, I think it's because I respected him so much over the years. He was a competitor, kept me on my toes and he pushed me to always do my best.

"Then to find out that he was on drugs — it's a bit like I think parents must feel when they have a kid who does something bad and lets them down. I feel like he let me down and he let the sport down."