Ajayi living NFL Draft dream

Ajayi, who plays as a running back for Boise State University in Idaho, is hoping to join the seven previous London-born players in the NFL.

???It???s exciting to be able to join the brotherhood of the Londoners that are in the NFL right now and to be another face of American Football in London,??? Ajayi told Sky Sports News HQ.

???I???m just excited to see how the Draft plays out and to see who decides to take that chance out on me.

???I can???t wait until my name is called. I???ve been dreaming about that moment for a long time now and I know that, that moment my phone rings, it???ll be a joyous moment in my house and everybody will be happy.???

It has been reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars ??? who have a deal which sees them play one game a year at Wembley – are interested the 21-year-old, and Ajayi revealed his desire to play at the stadium.

???Whether it???s the Jaguars or any team,??? he added. ???For me to have the opportunity to go back and play in Wembley I think will be a very special occasion, being from London, coming back and being the hometown kid that everyone can cheer for.

???Wembley has been that home to the England national team and has had many brilliant games there and so, for me to be a part of the NFL and playing there ??? if that happens ??? would be the most surreal experience for me.???

There has been talk of Tottenham???s new stadium being built to host NFL games in the future, and Ajayi is proud of the work the NFL are doing to branch out in England.

???I know that the NFL is doing a great job of branching out here in London and I was able to do an ‘NFL Play 60’ event this past Thursday with Efe Obada (another London-born NFL player who has just signed for the Dallas Cowboys) and we got to really introduce American Football to the kids.

???I really think that maybe in a few years there???s a possibility that there could be a London-based franchise in the NFL.”