Horiguchi: My time is now

Even though Horiguchi is considered to be the underdog heading into the fight, he will be looking to stun the champion with his karate background. 

"This is my time and it's been coming for a while," Horiguchi told Bleacher Report through a translator. "This is my time and I'm ready. [Johnson] is a very good fighter, but I have a lot of weapons as well.

"I'm going to use my karate base to control the fight and take advantage in the stand-up game. I will be looking for the knockout at all times."

While Horiguchi can talk the talk, it's time to see whether he can walk the walk since Johnson has been undefeated ever since he won the UFC Flyweight title in September 2012. 

Since then, he has defended his title on five occasions and triumphed every time. Due to this, it will take something special from Horiguchi to snap Johnson's unbeaten streak and be crowned champion. 

But, Horiguchi made it clear that losing is not an option for him since he is on a mission to show the younger generation that rewards come with hard work and persistence. 

"The most important thing for me will be winning the championship because it will show my true appreciation for all of my supporters," he said. "I also want to show the next generation of kids coming up in martial arts, sports or any other career that dreams do come true. I want to show everyone it's possible to make a successful career if you work hard enough."