Father wants Floyd to quit

Former fighter Mayweather Snr, who trains his son, is not impressed by??Pacquiao and says the May 2 showdown will not??be an era-defining clash because the Philippines fighter is not on the same level as the unbeaten American.

“This era is closed. It’s done. Pacquiao is done. He needs to be locked up in??jail because it’s time to save his a**. Pacquiao needs to lock himself up,” he??told the Sunday Telegraph.

“He is not on Floyd’s level. All he is, is an opponent. That’s all he is.??Nothing more, nothing less.”

Mayweather Jnr, who is famed for his swagger in and out of the ring, goes into??the bout with a record of 47 wins and no defeats, with 26 wins by knockout.

Mayweather Snr is confident his son will extend his flawless record, but admits he would like to see him retire after that.

“I hope that Floyd gets out the game at the right time,” he added.

“This is a gambler’s game and I don’t think Floyd should be gambling too much.??Once you reach that pedigree and make that kind of money, you don’t have to??fight no more.

“I hope he walks away after this fight. Whenever you get in that ring,??anything can happen. It looks easy but it ain’t as easy as it looks. He makes it??look easy.”