Austrian Grand Prix: Race as it happened

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Follow all the action from Race Day at the Austrian Grand Prix live right here.

21:35 It’s been a thrilling Austrian Grand Prix, with the result uncertain right up until the final corner! It’s time for us to say goodbye, but only for a little while since we will, of course, we back next weekend to cover the British Grand Prix for you. Please do join us for that, and until then, take care. Bye for a bit.

21:30 Here are the rest of the top ten for you, Stroll ultimately saw off Palmer for the final point.

21:27 Mega last lap pressure from Vettel but Bottas has held on and wins by less than a second! Ricciardo fends off Hamilton and the Red Bull man is on the podium for the fifth race in a row!

21:24 Ricciardo still hanging on, but Hamilton is on his tail now!

21:20 Stroll and Palmer are fighting for the final point. Only one second separates them…

21:18 Hamilton is just over a second behind Ricciardo now, can he pip the Red Bull to P3?

21:16 Vettel is slowly closing up on Bottas, but the Finn is rapid in a straight line…

21:12 Hamilton is hanging in there, three seconds behind Ricciardo, who is P3. Raikkonen has had a bit of a moment in turn one and has lost time.

21:07 Hamilton has some blistering on his ultrasofts. He’s slowly losing time to Raikkonen, but with a seven-second gap, he should be fine. Vettel has been informed that it might rain by the end of the race. Here’s the order:

21:02 The gap at the front is now four seconds, with Ricciardo comfortable in P3.

20:58 So much for that. Bottas clears Raikkonen and the red Finn pits. He’s out in P5. Carlos Sainz has been instructed to pit an retire his Toro Rosso. Meanwhile, Stoffel Vandoorne, P12, has been handed a drive-through penalty for ignoring blue flags.

20:53 Bottas finally pits and emerges in P2, behind Raikkonen, who hasn’t pitted yet. Are Ferrari using the Finn as an obstacle to slow Bottas down into the clutches of Vettel behind?

20:50 Hamilton still setting good times, but he’s complained about the rear end of his Mercedes.

20:45 Hamilton is setting some rapid times on his new purple rubber and Red Bull have responded by pitting Ricciardo. The Australian emerges 2.5 seconds ahead of the Mercedes. Vettel also pits and is now P3. Bottas and Raikkonen now lead the way, neither having pitted.

20:42 Oh dear! Smoke coming from the back of Magnussen’s Haas! He reports a loss of power steering, and that’s game over for the Dane! He was looking decent too. Hamilton has had enough of playing with Raikkonen and pits for ultrasofts. He emerges in P5 and will hope to go to the end.

20:35 Confirmation from the stewards: no action against Bottas. Hamilton is still stuck behind Raikkonen. The Briton has looked rapid today but is bleeding away time behind the Ferrari. Out front, Bottas is just under eight seconds clear of Vettel.

20:30 Hamilton has closed right up to Raikkonen, but the Finn is stubbornly hanging on for the moment. Further up the road, Ferrari have assured Vettel that they are on Plan A.

20:25 Some drivers, including Raikkonen, have reported blistering on their front left tyres. This is generally expected to be a one-stop race, but when is the correct moment to come in?

20:21 Here’s your top ten. Hamilton, P5, is slowly creeping up on Raikkonen in P4. The Ferrari man’s engineer has asked him to dial in some instructions on the steering wheel, but the Finn is adamant it isn’t working.

20:18 Right then, Bottas is making hay out front and is five-odd seconds clear of Vettel, who is 3 seconds ahead of Ricciardo. Kvyat has been handed and served a drive-through penalty for hitting Alonso.

20:15 No change at the front, but all action behind!

20:12 Could we have drama? Bottas is under investigation for possibly jumping the start. Meanwhile, replays show that it was Kvyat who locked up and went clattering into Alonso. The Spaniard was helpless as he collected Verstappen. More rotten luck for the Red Bull man.

20:09 Both Verstappen and Alonso are out of the race. Tough luck. Here’s a picture of the Dutchman facing the wrong way while the front runners charge away. Raikkonen has passed Grosjean and is back up to P4.

20:05 Time…to…GO!!! Lights out! Top start for Bottas! Vettel follows him! Verstappen and Alonso and Kvyat have been in a tussle and dropped to the back! Hamilton is up to P6! And Ricciardo and Grosjean have jumped Raikkonen!

20:00 Formation lap time! Bottas leads them away, and in a minute or so we’ll be off and running for 71 laps of the Spielberg circuit. All the front runners are on ultrasofts, excepts Hamilton, who starts on supersofts.

19:55 Only a few minutes to go, nice to see the fans out in force!

19:50 10 minutes to go, final preparations are being made and the Austrian anthem has been played. It’s still entirely dry.

19:45 15 minutes until they get going. The cars have made their way for the grid, except for a certain Sauber.

19:40 Just like in Baku, Daniel Ricciardo will need a few things to go his way to cross the line first, but with a run of three P3 finishes followed by a win, the Australian is certainly enjoying himself of late.

19:35 A certain Dutch youngster certainly has a sizeable crowd in his corner. He’s really suffered from poor reliability of late, will today bring something better?

19:30 30 minutes to go. It’s set to be an engrossing race in Austria, with a whole lot of things to keep an eye on. McLaren have the best track record at this race, but they may find it challenging to add to their six victories today. Perhaps a point or two is what they have their eye on.

19:25 At the other end of the pack, we have unusual lower-grid occupants in Williams. The Grove-based squad saw both of its cars knocked out in Q1, which must be bitterly disappointing, especially after Lance Stroll’s strong drive to P3 last time out in Baku. The Canadian rookie will line up in P18, one spot behind teammate Felipe Massa.

19:20 In contrast to Vettel, Lewis Hamilton has never failed to finish in the top three since Spielberg returned to the calendar in 2014. The Mercedes man lines up in P8 today, so it may take a bit of work to maintain that admirable record. Can he do it and keep his title bid on track?

19:15 As you may have noticed from the previous graphic, Sebastian Vettel has never stood on the Austrian podium. The German lines up next to Bottas on the front row today, which surely gives him a strong chance of bagging some silverware.

19:10 Bottas’ pole lap yesterday marks the second of his career, after he lined up in the number one spot in Bahrain earlier this year. On that occasion, the Finn’s bid for victory faltered after he led the opening laps. Can he convert the optimal starting position to the optimal result today?

19:05 As a reminder, it was Valtteri Bottas who came out on top in Qualifying yesterday, followed by Sebastian Vettel. Lewis Hamilton was third fastest, but takes a five-place grid penalty for an unscheduled gearbox change.

19:00 Hello again, welcome to FOX Sports Asia’s coverage of race day at the Austrian Grand Prix! We’re one hour away from the start in Spielberg, so get comfortable!

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