Arum laughs off Mayweather claim

Arum also believes that the American public will get behind the Filipino fighter who he predicts will knock out Mayweather in Saturday’s superfight in Las Vegas.

Mayweather had claimed he is a better boxer than Ali and would seal his legacy by beating Pacquiao when the two meet in May’s??showdown.

Speaking to??Sky Sports, Arum said : “Floyd Mayweather is an excellent, excellent fighter, a great technician??but to compare him to Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson or to Ray Leonard is a joke.

“Floyd has megalomania, he believes that because of his accomplishments he rules everything??he surveys and do what he pleases.

“I think the overwhelming support of the American people is to Manny Pacquiao because of the kind of person he is. I think Americans really respect a religious man, a God-fearing man who really and truly believes in those principles.

Arum has not doubt that the Philippines fighter will triumph over unbeaten American at the MGM Grand??on Saturday night.

“I am supremely confident that Manny Pacquiao will not only beat Mayweather but will??beat him up and may very well knock him out,” he added.

“I am that confident in the ability of Manny Pacquiao to win this fight.”