Floyd will KO Manny, warns father

Mayweather Sr is convinced the MGM Grand bout will end in a stoppage victory and see Floyd Jr extend his unbeaten record to 48 fights.

???I???m going to give you the honest truth. Floyd may be working a little bit harder than he normally would,??? Mayweather Sr said.

???It???s not a strategy, it???s not a plan, it???s nothing. He???s just a normal opponent who is going to get his ass whupped.

???In a situation like this we take it serious. If I see somebody say he???s going to whup me, I???m going to take it serious. He is totally prepared and we???re going to make sure we run Pacquiao out of this town.???

Asked how confident he was in a Mayweather win, Floyd Sr added: ???100 per cent.???

And pressed about a stoppage, he went a little further, saying only: ???110 per cent.”

Former IBF and WBA welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi is also backing Mayweather, but expects Pacquiao to cause him problems.

And he wonders if a knockout victory will prove possible for the undefeated Mayweather, such is the staying power of the Filipino great.

???Mayweather is favourite and I agree with it, but this is certainly the closest odds you will ever get Floyd Mayweather at,??? Malignaggi said.

???Manny Pacquiao hasn???t been an underdog since the Oscar de la Hoya fight, and we saw what happened that night, so you can???t count either of these guys out.

???Manny has been very successful of late, and he has also come up short, but his resiliency makes him very difficult to knock out.???