Parsons delays surgery

Parsons aggravated his knee injury during Game 1 of his team's first-round playoff series against the Houston Rockets. 

However, since Parsons is unsure how serious his injury is, he has been visiting numerous doctors to get a range of opinions. 

"There’s a lot of opinions and a lot of different things out there, but really the doctors won’t know anything until they open me up," Parsons told reporters. "So I’m not going to say something is going to happen or not happen and then be wrong. I really won’t know until they open me up.

"I’m well aware of every scenario. Obviously, some take more time and longer to recover than others. But even the doctor won’t know until he gets in there."

While Parsons is extremely frustrated to be missing the playoffs, he is trying to stay as positive as possible. 

"Whatever it is I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll do whatever it takes (to come back stronger)," he said. "And with my age and not even in my prime yet, I think it’ll be a blessing in disguise where I will be able to work on all other areas of my body, get stronger, be faster, be better than ever by the time this is done."