Wenger: ‘Dominated my devils’

Wenger admitted that he had been a “firebomb” before arriving at Arsenal, but has learned the benefits of self-control during his time in the Premier League.??

The Arsenal manager admits that he needed to change in order to have a greater chance of success in England.??

During Wenger’s early career at Arsenal, the club gained a reputation for ill-discipline. That reputation has now been eradicated.

???I was an absolute firebomb, I was absolutely mad!??? Wenger told Arsenal’s official website. ???You learn to express your ideas better with time, to anticipate problems better that you [used to], so you are not so surprised as when you are young.

???You take a bit more distance with what is happening. At a club like Arsenal you could not exactly behave like I behaved at the start!

???I have learnt to dominate my devils. I am not sure I have mellowed in my resolute attitude, but in the way I express my feelings and beliefs, certainly I have changed.???