Carver offers invite to fans

Carver was involved in a heated exchange with the fans as the club slipped to their seventh successive defeat at St James??? Park.

United’s supporters have become increasingly frustrated with their poor results, while attendances at their last two home games have been down due to a boycott of matches by some fans over the ownership of Mike Ashley.

Carver revealed at the post-match press conference following the Swansea game that he would invite the pair into training to talk things through with them, and he has confirmed that will happen ahead of Saturday???s trip to Leicester.

???I have invited the two lads, Thomas and Allen, in for a cup of tea in my office,??? he said.

???I think it???s important I speak to these two lads and explain some of my actions. I don???t have to, but I think it???s important because I am one of them.

???I can relate to them and I want to give them a little bit of time and it will be interesting to see what they have to say.

???It won???t all be about me, me, me. It will be a two-way conversation and it will be interesting.

???The one thing I will say to them is that because we now have two home games and they sit in a very important part of the stadium, which is right next to the technical area, it???s a privileged area and you see everything that goes on.

???It???s important that they get behind the team and try not to distract me from doing my job because I have to be focused.

???I am going to show them a little bit of our preparation for the game without giving them too much information about the team, so they have an understanding into what goes on.

???It???s not to get them in and roll around the office. It???s about getting them in, having a good conversation, and telling them ???this is what we do???.???