Collins draft status in doubt

Collins’ agent wants the 21-year-old to be withdrawn from consideration for the draft and placed in the league’s supplemental draft, which takes place later in the summer.

Authorities in Louisiana are seeking to question Collins over the death of a pregnant woman who, it has been reported, was his ex-girlfriend.

Collins has not been named as a suspect in the case but he has been asked to assist with the investigation.

He had been in Chicago since Tuesday, and participated in pre-draft festivities and charity events, but his draft stock had been falling since reports emerged that he was being sought by investigators.

Collins had previously been one of the top offensive line prospects in the draft pool, and almost certainly a first-round pick on Thursday night.

The supplemental draft gives players whose eligibliity has been changed a second chance to be drafted, but there is no precedent for it to be used by players with legal issues.