Ramsey support for Rodgers

Rangers are four points adrift of safety with four matches remaining, with Ramsey’s side heading to Anfield for their next Premier League match on Saturday.

The Reds appear to be out of the running for a top four place, having recently suffered an FA Cup semi-final defeat to Aston Villa.

But Ramsey says: “I would really love to have that pressure that he’s (Rodgers) got.

“I don’t know how you guys work if I’m being honest. He’s at a big club, he’s done very, very well.

“He said it himself the other day ??? three months ago he was a tactical genius. You don’t become a bad manager overnight.

“We understand there is pressure on them because they are a huge club with big expectations.

“But the pressure is on us really because we don’t want to go out of the division.

“The implications of going out of the division are huge so I think we actually have much, much more to lose than him.

“I think he’s done a good job. He’s a young man and for what he’s achieved and how he’s influenced the game in England, his bravery has been remarkable and the flak that he’s getting is unwarranted.

“When you are at a big club the expectation is so great that you only have to slip up once or twice and people are writing you off but knowing him and his self-belief I’m sure that Liverpool will always be near the top.

“If you watch his teams play they’ve always played attractive football and he’s been very humble with that as a person.

“He’s been fantastic for the Premier League and it would be good to see more young managers of his ilk.

“I wish I had done half the things he has had done in his career.” ??