Roach frets over Money’s gloves

The move comes just two days before Mayweather and Pacquiao clash in their Las Vegas super-fight which is expected to generate a record-breaking $332m.

Undefeated Mayweather and Pacquiao will finally meet after years of haggling in the early hours of Sunday morning with the WBC, WBA and WBO belts up for grabs and bragging rights as the greatest boxer of his generation.

Pacquiao has been given the all-clear to wear his Cleto Reyes gloves, but Roach is concerned that he has yet to examine the gloves Mayweather will be wearing.

But Floyd Mayweather Sr laughed off any concerns on the matter, saying: “Scary. I don’t think the gloves are an issue because Manny can put on the same kind of gloves that Floyd will be wearing. That ain’t nothing but fear.

“Freddie Roach the joke-coach-Roach. I keep telling you. Freddie has been saying for years that we’re scared of Manny. Now you’ll see. To be honest with you, I don’t think it’s going to be much of a fight. The fight is already won. Trust me.

“They keep talking about how scared Floyd is and how scared he has been for the last five years, but they’re scared. Floyd would whoop Manny any time of any day of any year.”

Mayweather Sr, who returned to his son’s corner in 2013 following a 13-year estrangement, believes Pacquiao will be forever haunted by the savage knockout suffered at the fists of Juan Manuel Marquez.

Pacquiao was rendered unconscious in the sixth round by a devastating straight right hand from Marquez in 2012 with the disturbing end to his fourth clash with the Mexican plunging his future into doubt.

Subsequent victories over Brandon Rios, Tim Bradley and Chris Algieri were enough to revive the prospect of facing Floyd Mayweather with the rivals finally colliding at the MGM Grand in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“Once you get hit like he did by Marquez it won’t take too many more punches before it happens again. He’s gone,” Mayweather Sr added.

“Anyone who has been in boxing long enough knows what I’m talking about. I don’t know what round it will happen in, but when he gets hit like that again, it will happen again. Simple.”