Strauss: No Pietersen recall

Pietersen has been absent from the England team since the end of the 2013-14 Ashes series but the arrival of Colin Graves as ECB chairman sparked rumours that the 34-year-old might be brought out of the wilderness.

He gave up his contract in the Indian Premier League and re-signed with Surrey, for whom he scored 326 against Leicestershire on Monday??before meeeting Strauss and??ECB chief executive Tom Harrison??later that evening.??

Speaking on Tuesday morning,??Strauss said: “Now is the time for some really honest and open conversation about Kevin Pieteren. No one has ever doubted his ability as a batsman or as a cricket player.

“Over the months and years the trust has eroded it is not in the best short-term interests of the side for Kevin Pietersen to be in the team this summer but he is not barred from the side.

“At the moment we are quite estranged. I went to see him last night to let him know he’s not part of our plans for??the summer.??This is not about Kevin Pietersen it is about the future of English cricket. My job is to develop a side that is capable of winning matches over the next four years.”

Strauss also confirmed that he will be part of the selection process for this summer’s Ashes series and that Jason Gillespie, the current Yorkshire coach, is among the names being considered to replace head coach Peter Moores.

He added: “I will be part of the process this summer but as far as the personalities involved – its stays in place for the summer and then it will be reviewed. We need to pinpoint the best way to identify talent in the county game. We need to see how the structure fits together and who is responsible for what.

“Jason Gillespie is one of the candidates, yes. We need one over-arching coach. I won’t play a tracksuit role here – the strategy will be down to the coach – my job is to plan for the future.”