Advocaat coy over future

The 67-year-old Dutchman joined the relegation-threatened club with nine??games of the season to go and six matches into his reign he has guided Sunderland??to 10 of the 18 points available.

But the former Holland boss is refusing to look further ahead than Saturday’s home??clash with in-form Leicester.

He said: “I think it’s better to wait until after next weekend.”

Gus Poyet’s replacement would receive popular support if he were to indicate??his continuing availability after dragging the club back from the brink with??successive victories over Southampton and Everton after a derby win against??Newcastle and a point at Stoke.

However, he modestly insists that even if the club preserves their place in the Premier League, his contribution will only have been part of the??equation.

He said: “If we stay up, then that’s the success of the club, for everybody??who works for the club, and we are part of that.

“I have to be very fair to the players, the way they train, the way they work??during the games. We are very positive about that so in that way, I have no??complaints at all about the players.

“Enjoyment is helped by winning games. That means the work you are doing is??more enjoyable than when you lose.

“The last six games have been rather good, winning three games and one draw.??We have only lost two. The performances and the results are okay, but we still??have to do it, and that’s the reason we are here.”

Advocaat admits he did not know a great deal about Leicester or their manager??Nigel Pearson before he arrived in England, but he knows a lot more about both??now.

He said with a smile: “To be honest, if somebody said anything about??Leicester, I always thought about Gary Lineker – honestly.

“But they have done really well, to be fair to the manager. Six out of seven,??that’s very positive. It’s always a cooperation between players and management??staff, and he’s always calm – most of the time, he is calm.

“He looks very bright and he knows what he’s doing, and if you win six out of??seven, then you are doing a great job. But we will give them a very difficult time.”