Pearson proud of Leicester

And the Foxes will be in the top flight once again next season, having capped an incredible run of form with a 0-0 draw at Sunderland, which proved enough to keep them up because Hull were beaten 2-0 at Spurs.

Leicester were bottom for much of the campaign, before six wins in seven games helped them charge up the table, and Pearson says they always had faith that their approach would eventually yield rewards.

He said: “You have to believe in what you do, and believe that, if you keep doing things as well as you can do often enough, you have got a chance.

“It is not always going to turn out the way that you want to but, throughout the whole of the season, even in our most difficult moment, what we have had is an integrity about how we work.

“The players have always given everything and I can???t fault that as their manager. I think that is the thing I take a lot of pride in, and I am really chuffed for them today.???

Pearson himself has been at the centre of controversy on a couple of occasions and he was under intense pressure when Leicester were struggling earlier in the campaign.

“There are always going to be doubts about managers and we work in a results-driven business,??? he said. ???At times, you have got to weather storms.

???I may have intensified one or two storms myself, at times, but I work the way I work and you can either like me or lump me. I am not really too concerned about that.

???I am concerned about the players. We have got a very good club here and we work hard to try and maximise what we have.???

Pearson already has an eye on the 2015/16 campaign and is determined to ensure there is no resting on laurels.

He said: ???We have got one game left and then it is about getting the preparation right for next season.

???There is not a long break between the end of the season and when we start back, but the club is in a really healthy position and we have got to make sure we don???t spend too much time patting ourselves on the back.

???It has been a tight old season but we go again.???