Sterling booed at ceremony

The England forward is due to hold talks with the club later this week, and??sources say he will make it clear he does not intend to sign a new contract.

And some of the estimated 3,000 Liverpool fans at the function made their feelings plain when Sterling took to the stage to accept his Young Player of the Year award.

Amid applause from some, cries of “stay, Raheem!” were followed by boos, and more jeers followed when his name was mentioned in a video montage moments later.

Several of the club’s former players are also in attendance and one, Dietmar Hamann, told??Sky Sports??Sterling’s contract talks should have been conducted away from the spotlight.

He said: “I don’t think these things should be made public because it doesn’t look good. There’s anger in the city now concerning Raheem Sterling for no need.

“If he decides to leave in the summer and the club gets paid what they want, then wish him all the best, but the way it’s been handled has been poor on his behalf and as a club there’s not much you can do – put a price on him, and if someone pays it you sell him and get other players in.”

And selling Sterling this summer could even benefit Liverpool, according to Jan Molby, who won seven major honours with Liverpool.

He said: “It’s not like Luis Suarez – you knew the impact that losing him would have. I’m not convinced if you sell Sterling it would have the same impact on the team, so it might not be a bad time to sell.

“Liverpool are still in transition and maybe the manager could do wth the money.”

It is understood Liverpool’s position is unchanged and they are not prepared to sell Sterling this summer.