Jones begins Calcutta Cup mind-games

England head coach Eddie Jones believes Scotland will be burdened by expectation ahead of their Six Nations game at Twickenham.

On the back of a home victory over Wales that puts them right in the title shake-up, Scotland are set to arrive in England full of confidence.

Currently they're four points off leaders England, with Ireland one point ahead of Vern Cotter's side in the standings after Round Three.

Jones believes Scotland's form will give them confidence going into the March 11 clash as it seems the mind-games are already underway.

"Scotland are already talking it up. They've got belief, they've got confidence," Jones told Press Association Sport.

"Confidence leads to better performances and better performances lead to high expectation.

"And now they have to carry the burden of Scotland for the next two weeks, so we're looking forward to playing them.

"They are expected to win, aren't they? They are talking about being on a roll and when you say you are on a roll you are pretty confident.

"I don't think you've ever heard me say we're on a roll. We've won 17 games in a row and we're not on a roll. We want to keep the Calcutta Cup here.

"I thought Scotland were outstanding against Wales, especially the simplicity of their tries.

"They ran straight, they are a really good Kiwi-coached side. They contest hard at the breakdown and are then very good in transition.

"They are a really well-coached side and everything is coming together for them."

Much has been made of Italy's tactics during England's 36-15 win last weekend but Jones believes a similar move won't be forthcoming from Scotland.

"I'm sure Scotland will play proper rugby. We're going to have a hard contest. They are going to come hard at the breakdown, it's going to be a hard game of rugby," he said before adding that the low number of breakdowns means his side is fresh.

"I'll talk to my coaches and see what we need to do, but we're in a pretty good place.

"We don't have any injuries, we don't have any bumps or bruises because we didn't make any tackles.

"That is amazing for us because we've been patching people up and now we've got a chance to get them really right, so we'll be humming by Scotland."