Curry ‘pretty good’ after scary fall

The incident occurred in the second quarter of the match when Curry jumped up to try and block Rockets forward Trevor Ariza's shot. However, he ended up getting into an awkward position and fell to the ground directly on his head. 

Curry stayed on the floor for several minutes, but the Warriors' medical staff confirmed that he hadn't suffered a concussion. As a result of their diagnosis, Curry did not undergo an X-ray. 

"I feel pretty good," Curry told reporters. "Just not how I envisioned the game going. I was in the air for a long time – just trying to brace yourself."

Curry did sprints in a hallway and rode on a bike machine for a short while before returning to the bench. 

"Rode the bike for a little bit, got my heart rate up and made sure it didn't get worse, and ran up and down the hallway and all the balance tests and stuff like that," he said. "Once they said I was all right, I went out and played and tried to do what I could to help my team get back in the game."

Ariza admitted he was scared when Curry was helped off the court with a dazed look on his face.

"I wasn't exactly sure who it was; I was just trying to pump fake and get somebody off their feet," Ariza said. "I didn't know that he flipped over or whatever the case was. It wasn't intentionally or anything like that; I was just trying to make a basketball play.

"It's a scary thing, a scary situation. Both players were just trying to play hard and trying to make plays for their team, and unfortunately sometimes you get hurt. But he's a tough kid and he came back out there and competed for his team."

Even though Curry finished with 23 points in the game, the Rockets triumphed 128-115 and cut the Warriors' series lead to 3-1 in the best of seven series. 

The Warriors will have another opportunity to book their spot in the NBA finals if they beat the Rockets in Game 5 on Wednesday.