Tom Brady still on the case of the missing Super Bowl jersey

Tom Brady never recovered the jersey that went missing in the immediate aftermath of his Super Bowl LI win, but he hasn’t given up the search.

Brady’s jersey went missing from the New England Patriots locker room following their historic victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

Cameras were on hand to capture the star quarterback frantically searching for the jersey after returning to the locker room on the night of the Super Bowl:

Brady was clearly upset at losing the jersey – no surprise considering its sentimental value, and the fact that its worth $500,000 – but it seems he can now have a laugh about it.

He recently shared a hilarious suspect board on his Facebook page, which identifies a number of possible culprits behind the great jersey theft:

Suspects range from Prison Mike, Michael Scott’s alter ego from “The Office,” to his dog Scooby. Brady even singles out his wide receiver Julian Edelman, whom Brady dubs a “sneaky lil squirrel” who “loves rings” like Gollum.

Don’t give up Tom. We think you’re close to solving the case!