Battle Royale: Brady v Ryan

The throwing arms of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his Atlanta Falcons rival Matt Ryan will be pivotal to their respective team’s success at Super Bowl LI on Saturday.

As such, FOX Sports Asia has trawled through the stats and has broken down the important ones for your reading pleasure.

While the differences between the two superstars are minimal on paper, it is by such tight margins that Super Bowls are won and lost…



First off, Brady’s four game ban at the beginning of the season, gives Ryan a head start in some of the stats. Brady has featured in each of the Pats’ 12 games since the ban, while Ryan has been played in all 16 games for the Falcons.

Despite the ban ban, Brady made an immediate impact for the Pats, passing over 370 yards per game four times in the season. By comparison, Ryan managed this three times, with a mammoth 503 yards against the Carolina Panthers in week four.

Thus, on average, Ryan has passed for 12.8 more yards per game than Brady, averaging an impressive 309 yards per game.

It would appear Ryan also has the upper hand on accuracy, edging brady in completion percentage by 69.9 to 67.4.

Brady’s touchdown to interception ration, however, is superb, with just two interceptions to his 28 touchdowns. While Ryan has thrown seven interceptions, he also has thrown ten more touchdowns that Brady and is on an impressive six game streak without any interceptions.


An aspect of Ryan’s game often overlooked is that he is not afraid to have a run when needed. The 31-year-old has rushed for 117 yards this season, a whopping 64 more than his Pats rival. But when measured per game, this difference is small, with Ryan rushing just two yards further at 7.3 per game.


It’s no secret that there’s big money in the NFL and between the two quarterbacks, Ryan has the lion’s share in this regard. The Pennsylvania native earned a cool US $23.7 million in 2016. Should he guide the Falcons to a first ever title, it’ll be money well spent.

This is a good deal more than the Brady despite his pedigree, who earned US $13.6million last year. A comparative bargain!


The Falcons’ hot streak certainly makes them the more confident outfit heading into Super Bowl LI. With an indomitable Ryan directing traffic, the Dirty Birds finished strong.

But you can never count down the Pats and their talisman Brady. The Californian is a three-time Super Bowl MVP for a reason and is without doubt the man for the big occasion…and there are few bigger than the Super Bowl.