Laidlaw: ‘Murray won’t get an armchair ride’

Scotland scrum-half Greig Laidlaw made clear that his opposite man Conor Murray will not get an easy ride at Murrayfield this weekend.

Murray received plenty of attention in Munster's recent Champions Cup win away to Glasgow from the Scottish side, who noticeably tried to pressure Murray around the breakdown.

The Ireland number nine admitted his frustration with the way Glasgow targeted him during that match, referring to some of the late hits after his box kicks by telling "I’m properly p*ssed off about that.

"I don’t see any benefit in charging down someone’s standing leg. I only see it as a danger or as a potential to get injured."

Laidlaw however defended his countrymen, speaking as a fellow scrum-half by saying that there would always be intense pressure from the opposition on the number nine, and that Saturday would be no different.

“Glasgow did everything within the rules of the game. As a nine you are always going to get teams putting pressure on you,” Laidlaw said.

“In that game, Glasgow got a a chargedown on him, but they were trying to get the ball back – they weren’t trying to deliberately injure the player.

"Will we be putting pressure on him? For sure we will. He’s not going to come to Murrayfield and get an armchair ride.

“We need to do that to every Irish player but we can expect the same back, I’m sure.”