Bartomeu: Alves should stay

Alves' current deal expires this summer and he could make his final appearance for Barcelona during the Champions League final against Juventus on Saturday. 

But, Bartomeu has confirmed that Barcelona will do everything in their power to keep Alves at the Nou Camp next season.

"We have presented Alves with a renewal offer that is respectful towards him," Bartomeu told beIN Sports. "He knows exactly what the offer is, but it is his decision. If he asks me, I would say 'sign it' because it is a good deal with Barcelona, which I consider to be the best club."

However, Alves believes that Barcelona have not shown him enough respect throughout the season and added that he is already halfway out the door. 

"I am with the team 200 percent, but with the board, about 10 percent – as it is, I have one foot, half a body and almost my head out of the club," Alves said last week. "I don't think about money, all I am asking for is respect for the job I do like any other professional.

"I've spent the whole season hearing that I was going to be offloaded. My contract expires on June 30. What I cannot abide is when everything I have done during all of my time at this club is devalued – more than what a few people inside the club might think about me."